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Tricks to saving money on trick-or-treat candy

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There is always the potential to spend a frightening amount of money on Halloween whether it be costumes, parties and other Halloween decorations. Even homemade costumes can be pricey when including costs of having to run to the store for materials or accessories to finish the creation. Add in party supplies and other knick knacks and one becomes just about tapped out on the green. Did I mention that there is still the matter of purchasing candy?
The cost of trick or treat candy seems to grow exponentially every year. Adding to this conundrum is the guessing game of trying to figure out how much candy is required for the neighborhood kids. Regardless of trick or treat head count, there are some helpful ways to keep the cost down on this year’s halloween candy purchase. Also note that none of these suggestive tips includes throwing a penny or two in the trick or treater’s bag!

Purchase non chocolate candy

As desirable as chocolate can be, the prices tell how coveted it really is. Does not matter whether shopping for hersheys, twix, snickers, etc. If the candy has any trace of chocolate you will pay much more per unit of candy. Stick with the cheaper alternatives such as twizzlers, lollipops, gum.

Purchase Trick or Treat Candy in bulk

Another potential way to save money on Halloween is to purchase trick or treat candy through volume discounts. Check out large bag options offered at warehouse clubs (Sam’s or Costco). The large box discount stores such as Target or Walmart will occasionally also offer large bag options. Simple calculations by the ounce or piece will be a good way to comparison shop.

Purchase Non Candy Items for Trick or Treaters

Every year as we inspect the kids Halloween treat bags, we always manage to find a few non edible, yet nifty items such as erasers, stickers, and tattoos. These items generally can also run a tad cheaper than candy and are much kinder on the teeth. A great place to find inexpensive Halloween party favors for trick or treat bags are Party City, Oriental trading and even the seasonal aisles at Walmart or Target. The local dollar  stores will also offer up some really cool  non candy ideas for handing out to the trick or treaters.

Use Leftover Candy and Treats from Summer

A few years ago, our home came close to running completely out of candy towards the end of the Halloween evening. However, we were fortunate to have leftover lollipops and small wrapped laffy taffy pieces to offer as a backup! Leftover items in the pantry such as small boxed raisins, granola bars, fruit chews make a great trick or treat offering.  It is also a great way to clean out the pantry to make room for  winter items. Also consider any leftover snacks from the sports season or school lunches  such as small packages of crackers, cookies, or even the 100 calories treat packages.

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