Monday, September 15, 2014

How to Save Money when Shopping for Halloween Decor

During the Halloween season for Halloween décor if your anything like us you’ll want to start getting ideas and collecting things for your display. But a display costs money. So let us tell you about some tips and stores you can go to to find some décor for your display.

 Thrift Stores

           One of the best places to shop is Goodwill. Go in weekly in the weeks leading up to Halloween. You’ll be surprised at what you’ll find. Not everything’s amazing and you may have to dig but you’ll be surprised at what you’ll find. We will be searching this for the next several weeks for any potential halloween props; fog machine included!

   Dollar Stores 

        Another great place to look is the Dollar Tree. You may not find a ton of outdoor stuff but you will find a lot of cool party supplies, Halloween candy, trick or treat bags, costume accessories, décor. One great purchase we recently made were some cool furry tarantulas that we will be adding to our bushes to spook them up.

        Five Below also has a great selection. Besides lots of candy and seasonal crafts, Five Below also has spooky fake skeletons and tombstones. As you the title implies, everything at Five Below is under $5. Can’t go wrong there.  Also remember you can always spice things up with spray paint and cobwebs which are also found at these stores.

Garage Sales

          Garage sales are a good idea to stop at during the Halloween season. Garage and estate sales will often offer us plenty of hidden treasures there such as lighting, extension cords, candy dishes, and sometimes seasonal decorations.

      Drug Stores    

        If you have a local drug store like Walgreens, or CVS you can sometimes find cheap little  decorations and candy. Also drug stores like these have huge candy selections perfect for trick or  treaters.

 Hopefully  you will find this information useful and provide some low cost ideas for creating fun halloween displays within and outside of your home. Below are the links for each of the stores mentioned earlier just in case you would like  to research  background info as well as use store locator features for those that may be located in your area.


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